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In utilizing money, you either borrow money and pay interest or you pay cash and give up interest you would otherwise earn. Becoming Your Own Banker, the title of Nelson Nash's book, reveals how to create your own banking system and overcome the obstacles to creating your own bank.

Life insurance is the best place to store money. This concept teaches the value of using the cash values in a whole life policy, through policy loans, to finance the purchase of any tangible product. Utilizing the cash values within a whole life rather than a more traditional method of financing offers a better way of increasing one's net worth . By repaying the policy loans at a higher rate with the excess payment used to purchase an annual paid-up additions rider, the policy's cash value and death benefit will increase.

Shawn Byerly, is a licensed practitioner of the "Infinite Banking Concept" and has been certified by the Infinite Banking Institute. He is available to conduct training seminars and give presentations to your clients on The Infinite Banking Concept. For further questions contact him at 918 664 6394 or email him at shawbyerly@gmail.com