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Referrals are the holy grail in our business! They are the fastest way to increase your production and build a solid clientele. However, referrals are not easy... but they're very powerful! Did you know that 80% of financial professionals do not have a referral strategy? What is your referral strategy?

The key is to find an approach that installs confidence and not fear. Additionally, you must make a full commitment to a referral mindset. Then you must take ACTION! Insurance Designers is committed to helping our agents increase their referability factor. We believe building a referral based business will guarantee a tremendously successful career. To shorten the learning curve, we have partnered up with Referral Coach International. Their revolutionary training programs, will give you the confidence needed to begin asking for referrals. We have negotiated a 20% discount on all of there products, just type in ID20, which you can find at referral coach.